Essential equipments for your boat

When you purchase a new boat, most will come with the legal safety equipment that is required eg. PFD’S, Flares, V-Sheet, Signally Devices and Fire Fighting Equipment, but of course there are always those new toys that you just can’t resist that you think will look good on the boat.

Most of the optional extras do have a purpose and our new boat Makai has had installed the latest devices from Navman.

Navman is leading the field in Marine Electronics and Global Positioning Systems and offers a diverse range of navigating equipment.

These include Radios, GPS, Chartplotters and Fish Finders all of which make your boating life easier.  It is nice to know what’s happening under the water as well as on top and it and it also helps if you know where you are going out there – many a ship has been run aground!

Of course you can have a play on our boat to get the feel of all these equipments before you purchase your own. How good is that!