Registration & Insurance

Now don’t stress over the decision of what boat you are going to buy, you can come along to complete our course first, and there you can discuss with Archie what you intend to buy.

Archie will give you an honest opinion, as he has driven many different types of craft over the years and he knows what most boats can and can’t do.

When you have made that decision on which boat you are going to purchase, don’t forget that if the craft has a motor over 4 ph it will need to be registered when used in Queensland waters.

Your boat will be allocated registration symbols and these must be clearly visible in a contrasting colour to the hull of the boat.

These symbols need to be:

  • 75mm on a displacement and non-planing vessel
  • 100 mm on a jet ski
  • 200mm on a planing hull type vessel
  • The registration label needs to be placed above the waterline on the PORT hand side of the craft.

Now once your craft is registered, it won’t have any CTP insurance included in the registration, so it is up to the individual to make sure that your craft is insured.
When you complete our training course you will be given a voucher for CLUB MARINE INSURANCE.  This will enable you to receive a 10% discount on your boat insurance.

Club Marine are Australia’s largest pleasure craft insurers and you can even get a quote and buy your insurance on line.  We think you’ll be rather impressed with their highly competitive quotes.